manufacturing and industrial

From automotive, aerospace, defense, medical equipment and consumer goods through design, development, manufacturing to marketing, all functions rely on 3D printing to communicate, accelerate time-to-market, cut costs, improve designs and win business. ARKePro is the ideal choice for concept models, detailed prototypes, tooling, to packing design, all printed in full color in an office environment with zero dust or emissions. Prototypes and models are tactile, robust, accurate and can be very resistant to warp, temperature, UV, or moisture. One example is our motorsport customers who already use ARKePro to print moulds for the autoclave manufacture of carbon fiber parts.

color 3D prints of 3 custom playstation 3 controller faceplates
color 3D print of an open pack of philadelphia spread
an isometric view of a color 3D print of a kitchen
color 3D print of a power tool